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Meder is an award-winning skincare brand created by dermatologist, Dr. Tiina Meder (MD). Started from a passion to create skincare solutions that are truly inclusive and support microbiome health. Since launching in 2009, Meder Beauty is now sold in over 30 countries worldwide both as professional treatments and home care.

At Meder we’re not afraid of new. We have a passion for innovation, use the latest in skin biohacking techniques, to offer only products that are scientifically backed that deliver fantastic skin results for even severe skin concerns. If you’re interested in opening a professional account or for more information please contact:


  • safe and inclusive for all skin types at any stage of life, including pregnancy, breastfeeding and menopause
  • microbiome-friendly
  • easy to use professional treatments for most widespread aesthetic concerns
  • comprehensive home care product range for personalised client care
  • in-depth training, workshops and educational materials
  • support with samples and marketing materials
  • easy ordering process
  • regular contact with an account manager

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Education and training

Meder Beauty provides an extensive educational curriculum accessible online, regular digital webinars, as well as in-person workshops hosted by Dr. Tiina Meder herself.

We’re continually learning so you can rest assured that you will be the first to hear the latest industry news and skin science discoveries to keep you at the top of your professional career.

Professional treatments + home care products

Each Meder Beauty product is numbered to guide through the application process in the most effective way.

We offer 6 easily marketable professional treatments for a variety of skin concerns:

  • mimic wrinkles – MYO-FIX
  • facial slimming – LIPO-OVAL
  • acne & problem skin – EU-SEB
  • rosacea, redness and sensitivity – RED-APAX
  • deep hydration – HYDRA-FILL
  • anti-age firming – ARMA-LIFT

Plus a complete range of home care products for you to create a skincare plan to suit your clients and help them achieve the healthy skin they’ve always wanted.


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